Our Farm

Spooner Farms has been family owned and farmed since 1882.

Today, we grow some of the best Washington berries for you and your family. Start your summer off with our delicious fresh-picked strawberries. Between July and August we harvest raspberries, blackberries, blueberries & corn. Come on in for a taste of our homemade berry fudge or cool down with a fresh fruit smoothie. Jam making supplies, seasonal gifts, and sundries of all kinds are available throughout the season. Fall time at Spooner Farms has become a family tradition in the Valley.
U-pick 47 varieties of pumpkins, gourds and squash-- both edible and ornamental. Get lost in our giant themed corn maze, nosh on homemade caramel apples, check out the animals, get crafty in the activity barn, or yell "Pumpkins Away!" with our original pumpkin sling shots. Great fall decorating provisions, gifts, and concessions available. We also offer booked school tours, Monday-Friday, throughout October.

Photo of our strawberry fields in Puyallup, WA

The history of Spooner Farms is one wrought with hard work and a commitment to helping build a sustainable, thriving community.

Antone Spooner, at the age of 15, left Montreal for California where he rendezvoused with his older brother who had settled in Willows, CA. Antone spent 10 years in California working on his brother’s farm and in various sawmills. Ultimately, the Golden State proved too arid a climate for his liking so Antone made his way north toward Washington territory. After a brief stint in Walla Walla, Antone Spooner headed westward, ultimately purchasing 80 acres of land in Pierce County with his new friend and business partner, Joseph Wallace.Historic photo of brother and sister on Spooner Farms in Puyallup, WA - Alderton areaAntone and Joseph split the land fairly and set about making the myriad necessary improvements. Spooner Farms saw its first seeds sewn in the spring of 1882 and hops came to fruition later that year. Over the next few years, Antone Spooner would go on to create a splendid and successful farm focused primarily in hops and dairy.

In 1891, an incipient Puyallup Valley love story played out as Mr. Spooner united in marriage with his friend Joseph’s sister, Mary Wallace. From the onset of their marriage, Antone and Mary Spooner saw to it that their farmstead be one that championed hospitality above all else. It was here that family tradition and the fostering of a community spirit was born at Spooner Farms.

Today, Spooner Farms has evolved into a veritable berry heaven during the spring and summer time. Fresh berries and, fingers crossed, some vitamin D in the form of sunshine. We encourage you to come on down and get a taste! Come autumn time we welcome everyone to the farm to play, pumpkin hunt, and help us celebrate the end of the harvest. We hope to see you soon…

Historic Picture of Spooner Berry Farms in Puyallup, Washington
Historic photo of crop rows at Spooner Farms in Orting, WA