Professional Photographers

Professional Photographer Contract

Spooner Farms, Inc will be allowing professional photographers and their clients to be onsite during the month of October. Below you can read the details of the said agreement and then download the contract directly. All completed contracts are to be sent to info{a}

  1. Location of Event: Spooner Farms 9710 State Route 162 E, Puyallup, WA 98374
  2. Date and times:
    1. October-________ Time ________ to ________ (Representative will fill in)
  3. Photographers will check in at the main store upon arrival were in they will receive a badge stating who they are as well as the date and time booked. The badge will be returned to the main store at your contracted time.
  4. Photographers are responsible for their clients as well as letting their clients know the boundaries set up in this contract.
  5. Photographers and clients may not take down, dismember, replace or relocate any item set up by Spooner Farms.
  6. Photographers and clients may not impede on walkways, doorways, or any area where foot traffic is present.
  7. Photographers and clients may not enter any area off-limits to customers (no exceptions) i.e., working sheds, shops, office, back of the animal barn, entrances to activities, and or any staff area.
  8. Photographers and clients will not go into the cage of any animal nor disturb the well-being of said animal to take a picture.
  9. If props are used, they must be taken with you when you leave and not left in the garbage nor in any area.
  10. Photographers will not impede on other vendors without prior consent from them.
  11. No dogs or pets are allowed at any time.
  12. Smoking is not allowed in the food court or customer areas. Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot or other designated areas.
  13. Spooner Farms is not responsible for any photographer equipment, props, etc. left at the premise or damaged while here.
  14. All photographers will not sell any items i.e.: including but not limited to food, merchandise, marketing items (magazine, phones, insurance etc.) Participants shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Spooner, Farms, Inc. Andrea and Jeff Spooner & Kloe Inc. against any and all claims arising from participant’s use of the premises. The undersigned does hereby agree to abide by the terms set forth in this agreement.
  15. All photographers shall pay upfront a non-refundable (unless Spooner Farms closes due to weather) fee of $125.00 per hour. If you wish to have more time you can pay upon, check-in. There will be a fee of $62.50 for each half-hour over your contract. These fees are for the use of the props and background that Spooner Farms have created. No special pricing with be given for any activity.
  16. Parking can be limited on busy weekends. Spooner Farms does not guarantee the availability of lot parking or the lateness of clients.
  17. Absolutely no boudoir photography or nudity photos are allowed.